Hank Moody

Hank Moody character is played by David William Duchovny. David was born in 1960, making him 53 (!) years old. David was born in New York City where he grew up with his mother and father. During his youth he attented Grace Church school and The Collegiate school, in Manhattan. He actually has close to the character he plays in Californication; he’s a writer in real life as well. While studying at Princeton university, David got a honorable mention in the form of a college prize from the Academy of American Poets.

David was quite the study geek: after he graduated from Princeton he continued to Yale, where he received his master of Arts in English Literature. He continued to follow a Ph.D, which he never finished. David started his career with a commercial for beer in 1987. His real famous debut was the X-files, in 1993. Duchovny played the role of Agent Fox Mulder; a slightly mental unhealthy special investigator who believed his sister was abducted by aliens. Duchovny got married in 1997 to Tea Leoni, an actress. Two years later David got his first child, and his second child followed three years later. He has a daughter and a son. David Duchovny was a vegetarian, and changed that in 2007 to following a pescetarian diet. A year later Duchovny publicly announced that signed himself up for a clinic devoted to curing his sex addiction (and people wonder how he plays his character so well). The public statement was followed by the seperation of the Duchovny couple, resulting in the Daily Mail writing an article of him having sex with his tennis instructor while he was still in a relationship. Duchovny denies all of this and his lawyer made plans to sue the Daily Mail for this with success; the Daily Mail retracted their wild claims. David got back together with Tea, but broke up with her again shortly afterwards.

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